3 Benefits of Web Based Attendance Tracking

Tracking time and attendance manually can be quite a task. It can be cumbersome, full of errors, and time-consuming and may even dig a big hole in your pocket. Numerous errors might occur when time and attendance data is compiled and then entered into a payroll system. Then time theft might cost your business dear. Here are three benefits of updating to a web-based time and attendance system:

1. Increase Productivity

If you still use an old punch clock, you must be finding it hard to collect information from missed or duplicate punches, requiring you to spend considerable amount of time verifying the information received from legible and illegible cards. Then a large amount of time lost in early departures, late arrivals, buddy punching, proxy attendance and unauthorized overtime, and extra long lunches can amount up to be huge.

2. Better Efficiency

The use of web based attendance tracking software ensures that no errors occur in recording employee data. The software makes financial calculations a lot easier. It is easy to calculate wages, salaries, and taxes, giving the human resource department adequate time to focus its efforts on other important tasks. Biometric devices help employees mark their attendance in no time, thus ensuring accountability for their work hours. Though small businesses may not require this type of attendance tracking software, large organizations find this highly useful to manage their workforce.

3. Save Money

A web based attendance tracking system is an affordable recourse to increasing employee accountability and responsibility, reducing/ eliminating practices of time theft, thus saving you thousands of dollars every year. There is no room for manual errors, which may otherwise add up to the business expenses. Cost leakages resulting from proxy attendance, absenteeism, and other inaccuracies can be easily prevented through this system.

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