Affordable Service Plans for Employee Time Clocks

Employee time clocks have made businesses more productive and efficient by tracking accurate time and attendance data of employees. The biometric time tracking has further helped businesses manage their employees better. Selecting the right attendance time clock plan would help you save cost on your staff management and payroll.  With the rise in popularity of employee time clocks, numerous affordable service plans are now available for small to large businesses.

The pricing of subscription plans is linked to the number of your employees along with the features you would like to be incorporated into the system. While there is no space limitation in any subscription plan, bigger packages considerably bring down per employee cost. You can access a host of free services, such as free maintenance, live support, security measures, daily data backup, and upgrades.

Why Choose Monthly Subscription Plan

You can choose any of the affordable service plans depending on the number of employees you have and enjoy seamless employee time tracking. Choosing a monthly subscription plan gives you the added benefit and flexibility to adjust the cost of your plan cost for every month, depending on the increase or decrease in the number of your employees. It is easy and simple to switch from one plan to another, depending on the growth of your business grow.

You can get greater cost-saving benefits and upgrade your plan at any time. What’s more, you have the flexibility to downgrade your web based attendance employee time clocks service plan any time you so desire. At, your subscription fee is inclusive of all software upgrades as well as maintenance support.

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