Biometric Time Clocks Ensure Accuracy

Biometric time clocks have replaced outdated punch cards, thanks to their accuracy in recording employee time and work hours. Since no two fingerprints are alike, employee time is recorded accurately and then integrated with Payroll software.

Fingerprint time clocks eliminate the expenditure and hassle of punch card-based systems. You have the advantage of convenience, accuracy, speed, and improved security in recording employee time. With biometric time clocks, there’s no confusion of wrong employee ID card being used, unlike traditional time clock management.

Transform Your Business

  • Biometric time clocks keep accurate time records, ensuring accurate and error-free time calculations. You can easily spot missed punches or employees that forget to clock out, ensuring they cannot manipulate their work hours.
  • Fingerprint time clocks are a proven cost-effective solution that ensures security, mobility, and accuracy in recording employee time, with no chance of human error or tampering of records.
  • Web-based biometric time clocks are easy to log in and track employee activity from anywhere anytime.

Time clocks are easy to use and set up. Every year a number of businesses lose $148 billion as a result of employee fraud, time theft, proxy punching, and human error. Biometric time clock software was designed to help businesses get rid of these issues and avoid significant losses. With the accuracy in tracking, recording, and storing employee time records, biometric time clocks are here to stay.

It’s time to move on with the new biometric time clocks for all businesses, whether small or large!

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