BN4000 Wireless Time Clock

The BN4000 is a wireless time clock system from uAttend. The biometric fingerprint time clock system is one of the most affordable time tracking software systems available. This wireless time clock lets employees punch in and out from time clocks, a smartphone, or the internet.

With Plug and Play capability, the BN4000 wireless time clocks can be easily plugged into your Network or Router. You may even log onto your uAttend account from anywhere and manage your employees anytime. What’s more, you can even print payroll reports at ease from anywhere in the world, since the BN4000 is ideal for unlimited locations and has the capability to support over 5,000 employees per system.

BN4000 Features

The BN4000 wireless time clock comes with a lifetime warranty. It also comes with the following features:

  • Free iPhone App
  • Large color display
  • Department Transfers – supports unlimited departments
  • Upload company logo on the color screen
  • Store 5,000 Templates per terminal
  • Plug ‘n Play Ethernet connection
  • Biometric technology
  • Compatible with personal computers, MAC, and Linux
  • Voice response
  • Manages multiple locations
  • Access employee attendance data in real time
  • Employees can punch in and out using CN4000 from internet, mobile
  • Supports monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly payroll cycles
  • Easily exports data to Excel, Payroll 1, QuickBooks, MAS90, ADP, SurePayroll, PeachTree, PayChex, Millenium
  • Displays notices to the entire department or an individual employee
  • Optional auto deductions for lunch sessions

BN4000 wireless time clocks need an active uAttend account to operate and function seamlessly. Since the data is hosted on a secure offsite server, there is no fear of privacy infringement. At, we offer free install and setup assistance and free lifetime software support & upgrades for your BN4000 wireless time clocks.

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