Employees Clocking in by Fingerprint

Biometric time clocks are an affordable option to record employee time data in a more accurate and efficient manner. The fingerprint time tracking system offers an effective means to address employee attendance time theft issues, including buddy punching, thus saving you time and money on recording accurate employee data.

Biometric time clocks, based on fingerprint records of employees, deliver reliable, accurate, and auditable real time labor data. Designed for small to large-sized businesses, these time clock systems mitigate vulnerabilities of the traditional time clocks and are the safest and most secure alternatives for identity authentication and identification.

Biometric time clock system collects and processes biometric images in a way that makes fingerprint identification more reliable in situations and conditions where other systems fail, such as dirt, moisture, or wear and tear.


Biometric time clocks are the best tool to make sure employees are being productive and making optimal use of their work hours. These time tracking systems ensure that employees are on the job when they say they are.

The software allows HR managers and floor supervisors to identify and reward the employees that are performing exceptionally well and managing their time appropriately. This would help the HR managers to in the area of resource allocation, job costing, and project management.

An easy-to-use biometric time clock system can dramatically bring down the number of hours needed to process time and attendance. Further, the time tracking software will automatically calculate total hours worked by employees and keep track of sick days, overtime, holidays, and vacation. With the biometric time clock system, employers can create comprehensive time and attendance reports with the click of a button.

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