Employees on the Go? Get a Wi-Fi Biometric Time Clock

If you have employees that usually have to manage different work sites, Wi-Fi biometric time clock is the ultimate time tracking solution. This type of attendance software helps employees register their attendance while on the go and from any work site easily and conveniently. All they need to do is just touch the reader, instead of punching a time card or scanning an employee badge, to record their attendance, work hours, off time, vacations, and overtime.

Wi-Fi biometric time clocks offer a reliable and fraud-proof attendance solution that eliminates any chance of “buddy clocking” or ghost workers. According to a 2005 Nucleus Research study, “The cost of buddy punching averages 2.2% of gross payroll.” Touch and go time clocks remove any problems associated with traditional, manual, or card-based systems and eliminate card swapping. The software registers every single entry as it happens, and management is certain of the person’s identity that clocked in. Biometric time clocks may use any of the following characteristics – facial, finger, hand geometry, voice, iris, vascular images – to identify a person.

With the verification done by the biometric time clock system in less than 2 seconds, based on individual biological characteristic or behavior, employees can quickly register their clocking in and out time. This is an effective time and attendance system for all kinds of office and factory environments.

Combining simplicity and mobility, Wi-Fi biometric attendance clocks are ideal for attendance on-the-go environments and are perfect for businesses of all sizes, seeking a cost effective attendance solution to boost efficiency in managing human resources. With a Wi-Fi biometric time clock, you can benefit from accuracy of data, speed of verification, and ease of use.

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