Fingerprint Time Clocks the Wave of the Future

Fingerprint time clocks are undoubtedly the wave of the future. Gone are the days when punch cards ruled the roost in the efficient handling of employees. These days biometric time clocks have change the way you do business.

Fingerprint time clocks, as their name suggests, are able to properly recognize your employees based on their physical traits, such as fingerprints, palm prints, retina, and iris, without leaving any room for discrepancy. These time clocks serve two purposes – identification and verification. With fingerprint clocks installed at your offices, you are guaranteed to record accurate employee time and work hours.

  • Unlike punch cards, biometric time clocks leave no room for buddy clocking, which otherwise has the potential to cost immense loss to a business. Since no employee can copy other’s fingerprints, there is no risk of proxy attendance and no threat of identity theft either.
  • Fingerprint time clocks ensure safety and security of the office, as no outsider or unregistered person can enter the premises, with only those having their biometrics recorded allowed in.
  • Biometric clocks help your business save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, which is otherwise lost in using outdated punch cards. According to a Nuclear Research report, many businesses have been able to save at least 3% in the first year after using fingerprint time clocks.

Undoubtedly biometric time clock is a surefire, bulletproof system, which makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with time. Surely, fingerprint time clocks are the preferred choice for leading small and large businesses, thanks to the benefits they offer, and there is no doubt that these are the wave of the future.

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