How Free Agency Is Changing the Workforce

An increasing number of professionals are opting to working from home these days, and a web based time clock offers the ultimate solution to track time of your remote workforce. As a business, you no longer have to be restricted to only tapping into the local workforce – you can go across boundaries and pick qualified contingent workforce for a limited period or specific project in a cost-effective manner, thus saving significant overhead costs and minimizing legal risk.

However, you might find it challenging to monitor work hours of remote employees. It is here that third party time clocks, such as uAttend’s web based attendance tracking systems, can come to your rescue. Such cloud-based time keeping systems are designed for use in home offices, helping employers to:

• Track employee hours spent on each work-related activity

• Monitor employees’ work

• Manage paychecks

• Pay employees for the hours worked

The web based time clocks also help employees track their time in specific projects and to invoice clients. Being cloud-based, the employee time tracking software automatically records user name, documents, applications, Internet usage and time and sends the data using FTP connection to the centralized location, without interrupting employee’s work. Even employees can generate detailed work reports and export them to the organization in different formats and bill employers accordingly.

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