Integrating Payroll with Your Time Clock

Are you wondering whether payroll time clocks would be the right choice for your business? Do you ever question the feasibility of such time clocks? Do you doubt the accuracy of your manual time sheets? Inaccuracy in payroll accounting may prove disastrous for your business. Integrating payroll with time clocks can easily eliminate several such problems related to keeping a check on your employees.

Implementing Payroll Time Clocks

The traditional time tracking system may undermine your ability to accurately log employee hours. However, modern time keeping systems, including payroll time clocks, can help you avoid such problems. You can easily integrate the time clock directly into your payroll software, thus saving time and eliminating manual entry errors.

  • Reduce chances for errors  – you don’t have to worry about typing mistakes
  • Save time by seamlessly importing a file – no need to manually enter payroll twice
  • Eliminate double entry – no need for hand-written time recording cards
  • Eliminate confusion of inaccurate handwriting – no need to re-enter hours
  • Reduce need for manual work – ensure better accuracy
  • More accurate tracking of the hours your employees’ work – eliminate chances of buddy punching

Integrating your time clock with payroll software would make the entire payroll process simpler and quicker. With the implementation of payroll time clocks, your business would be able to get more accurate time and pay information and streamline payroll processes. There is no better tool for time management, employee management, and time tracking!

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