It’s Time to Upgrade Your Employee Time Clock System

If you are still using the traditional time tracking system, it is time to upgrade your employee time clocks. Today’s technical advancement has made sure time tracking is no longer a hassle for employers. Gone are the days of paper attendance sheets or punch cards, which were time consuming and prone to errors. If you continue to use the same old techniques, you are losing out to the competition and also the opportunity to save money and time and run your business better and more effectively.

The latest automated time clocks, which can be biometric or fingerprint, can accurately record start and stop times with a quick finger swipe. These allow managers and HR department to quickly review and approve attendance and time records on their computers. Modern employee time clocks are more like a deterrent to employees to record accurate work hours and not indulge in time theft and buddy punching, which cost businesses thousands of dollars of losses. In a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, 19% of workers admitted to time theft and proxy punching.

If you are not confident that your employees are reporting their attendance and work hours accurately, it is time to change your time recording system with the latest biometric or fingerprint time clocks on the market. In a survey, 60% of the respondents, who were employers of large and small firms, said their employees weren’t accurately punching their time and work hours.

If your workers are spending as much time recording their work hours as they are actually working, it’s indeed time to consider an upgrade to the latest employee time clocks.

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