Managing Overtime with Time & Attendance Clocks

If you are often troubled with managing employee overtime hours, a time and attendance clock offers you the best solution to record accurate time. An automated time clock system allows you to better track time and monitor and control overtime costs.

When things get exponentially busy at your end, you could end up ruing the fact that you didn’t have a web-based timekeeping system to monitor overtime during the busy spell, taking advantage of which employees might claim having worked for longer hours. If you’re using a manual time tracking system, it could be a hassle to add up timesheets every day and figure out accurate hours and overtime status.
Web-based employee time clocks help you:

• Monitor overtime

• Adjust work schedules and workloads

• Minimize overtime to maximize productivity

• Manage your workforce, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in unnecessary overtime

Easy-to-use online workforce tracking software saves you time and money in tracking employee time and work hours. According to the American Payroll Association, a typical company is only 92-99% accurate in managing payroll data, which can result in significant losses.

Payroll time clock software enables automation of the payroll process, making it easy for you to come up with accurate paychecks and generate accurate payroll reports. This also enables you to quickly export your payroll data. In fact, the best employee time clock will keep track of your weekly overtime when the week crosses pay periods.

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