Biometric Time Clocks Ensure Accuracy

Biometric time clocks have replaced outdated punch cards, thanks to their accuracy in recording employee time and work hours. Since no two fingerprints are alike, employee time is recorded accurately and then integrated with Payroll software.

Fingerprint time clocks eliminate the expenditure and hassle of punch card-based systems. You have the advantage of convenience, accuracy, speed, and improved security in recording employee time. With biometric time clocks, there’s no confusion of wrong employee ID card being used, unlike traditional time clock management.

Transform Your Business

  • Biometric time clocks keep accurate time records, ensuring accurate and error-free time calculations. You can easily spot missed punches or employees that forget to clock out, ensuring they cannot manipulate their work hours.
  • Fingerprint time clocks are a proven cost-effective solution that ensures security, mobility, and accuracy in recording employee time, with no chance of human error or tampering of records.
  • Web-based biometric time clocks are easy to log in and track employee activity from anywhere anytime.

Time clocks are easy to use and set up. Every year a number of businesses lose $148 billion as a result of employee fraud, time theft, proxy punching, and human error. Biometric time clock software was designed to help businesses get rid of these issues and avoid significant losses. With the accuracy in tracking, recording, and storing employee time records, biometric time clocks are here to stay.

It’s time to move on with the new biometric time clocks for all businesses, whether small or large!

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Fingerprint Time Clocks the Wave of the Future

Fingerprint time clocks are undoubtedly the wave of the future. Gone are the days when punch cards ruled the roost in the efficient handling of employees. These days biometric time clocks have change the way you do business.

Fingerprint time clocks, as their name suggests, are able to properly recognize your employees based on their physical traits, such as fingerprints, palm prints, retina, and iris, without leaving any room for discrepancy. These time clocks serve two purposes – identification and verification. With fingerprint clocks installed at your offices, you are guaranteed to record accurate employee time and work hours.

  • Unlike punch cards, biometric time clocks leave no room for buddy clocking, which otherwise has the potential to cost immense loss to a business. Since no employee can copy other’s fingerprints, there is no risk of proxy attendance and no threat of identity theft either.
  • Fingerprint time clocks ensure safety and security of the office, as no outsider or unregistered person can enter the premises, with only those having their biometrics recorded allowed in.
  • Biometric clocks help your business save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, which is otherwise lost in using outdated punch cards. According to a Nuclear Research report, many businesses have been able to save at least 3% in the first year after using fingerprint time clocks.

Undoubtedly biometric time clock is a surefire, bulletproof system, which makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with time. Surely, fingerprint time clocks are the preferred choice for leading small and large businesses, thanks to the benefits they offer, and there is no doubt that these are the wave of the future.

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Employee Time Clocks to Help You Cut Costs

Business owners understand well the importance of employee time clocks in tracking the time as well as attendance details of their employees. While the traditional time clock options, including paper time sheets and punch clocks, are prone to miscalculations, modern time clock options present a better alternative, both in terms of time tracking and saving and cutting cost. However, before selecting a time clock option, it is important to ensure and determine whether the program is user friendly.

Benefits of Employee Time Clocks

  • One of the greatest advantages of employee time clocks and related software is that these help in reducing the operating costs for the business. This is possible because payroll processing becomes efficient, allowing for transparency, accuracy in calculating labor costs.

Management can then take effective steps to reduce labor costs.

  • Time clock software also helps ensure proper compliance with labor laws and attendance requirements, and it can also help in automation regarding billing as well as invoicing of clients.
  • Modern time clock software helps in keeping detailed reports of start and end timing of specific tasks and jobs completed in the day. This can help management in determining actual productivity of employees.

With the aid of employee time clocks it is now possible to easily calculate regular work hours along with overtime as well as paid time. It is also possible to keep record of past payroll details, which can be easily retrieved and referred to whenever required. Time clocks have made it possible to clearly and accurately identify the time spent by each employee on a specific job, which, in turn, can help in determining the labor costs of different jobs, thus helping in better employee management.

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Better Work Hour Management a Fingerprint Away

Time tracking systems have become critically important in modern businesses, and a biometric time clock is one of the systems on the market that help record accurate employee work hours. With the help of these time tracking systems, a number of businesses are able to monitor the attendance as well as time clocking of employees. These systems promise better work hour management and help in planning and managing shifts, recording time off, which ultimately help businesses save costs and time spent in manual calculations.

What Benefits do Biometric Clock Systems Offer?

Many companies tend to have employees who work in different time schedules, and a biometric time clock system can be the most suitable device. The wireless clock system makes it possible for employers to keep track of their employee attendance details. While manual time tracking can be too daunting a task, which is not devoid of errors and miscalculations, biometric clock systems are ideal to record accurate data.

In case of biometric attendance systems, fingerprints of each employee are recorded, which cannot be forged, thus negating the chances of proxy attendance. This technology surely helps companies in better work hour management, saving them from losses incurred due to improper attendance counting. Since staff hours are accurately clocked, payments are also done with absolutely accuracy.

Accurate work hour management is possible through biometric time clock systems, since there is no room for inaccurate recording of employee time due to buddy punching, proxy attendance, unauthorized overtime, or late arrivals. With this system, companies and businesses can control their operational costs and focus on increasing their profits. What’s more, they don’t need to determine the accuracy of the collected data, unlike manual time tracking, which is prone to miscalculations. HR managers can access the data instantly. Biometric time clocks have made it possible for employers to assign employees with both fixed as well as flexible shifts, without worrying about improper and inaccurate recording of time and attendance.

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3 Benefits of a Wireless Time Clock

Time and attendance tracking is a critical activity for any business organization, and a wireless time clock is one of the revolutionary products for payroll management. If careful attention is not paid to tracking of employee time as well as attendance, then a business may lose millions of dollars. Traditional time tracking methods depended on manual tracking of employee time and attendance and this was not only time consuming, but also prone to errors. Now there are several modern methods that can allow organizations to get accurate attendance and time data.

How Can an Organization Benefit From Wireless Clock Feature?

  1. In case of organizations that deal with contractors or labor working on job site, a wireless time clock can be a boon. With this technology, contractors can now get details of a job site, time clocked by each worker, overtime figures, etc. They need not actually visit the job site or deal with paper time cards. Since manual work is eliminated, organizations can benefit from increased productivity and saved time.
  2. Since the time as well as attendance details are accurately recorded, salary and other financial calculations can also be completed accurately. This ensures that management can focus on other important aspects. Web based time clocks make it possible for employers to not only get time details, but also identify productivity level of each employee. HR managers and supervisors can easily identify workers that are not performing as per accepted standards.
  3. A wireless time clocktracking device can also be extremely beneficial for large organizations and schools. Besides keeping track of entry as well as exit of employees and students, the device records lunch times as well as work hours lost or lectures missed by employees and students, respectively. Being a wireless device, it can be installed with ease and companies can start enjoying benefits associated with the product immediately following its installation.
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Employees Clocking in by Fingerprint

Biometric time clocks are an affordable option to record employee time data in a more accurate and efficient manner. The fingerprint time tracking system offers an effective means to address employee attendance time theft issues, including buddy punching, thus saving you time and money on recording accurate employee data.

Biometric time clocks, based on fingerprint records of employees, deliver reliable, accurate, and auditable real time labor data. Designed for small to large-sized businesses, these time clock systems mitigate vulnerabilities of the traditional time clocks and are the safest and most secure alternatives for identity authentication and identification.

Biometric time clock system collects and processes biometric images in a way that makes fingerprint identification more reliable in situations and conditions where other systems fail, such as dirt, moisture, or wear and tear.


Biometric time clocks are the best tool to make sure employees are being productive and making optimal use of their work hours. These time tracking systems ensure that employees are on the job when they say they are.

The software allows HR managers and floor supervisors to identify and reward the employees that are performing exceptionally well and managing their time appropriately. This would help the HR managers to in the area of resource allocation, job costing, and project management.

An easy-to-use biometric time clock system can dramatically bring down the number of hours needed to process time and attendance. Further, the time tracking software will automatically calculate total hours worked by employees and keep track of sick days, overtime, holidays, and vacation. With the biometric time clock system, employers can create comprehensive time and attendance reports with the click of a button.

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BN4000 Wireless Time Clock

The BN4000 is a wireless time clock system from uAttend. The biometric fingerprint time clock system is one of the most affordable time tracking software systems available. This wireless time clock lets employees punch in and out from time clocks, a smartphone, or the internet.

With Plug and Play capability, the BN4000 wireless time clocks can be easily plugged into your Network or Router. You may even log onto your uAttend account from anywhere and manage your employees anytime. What’s more, you can even print payroll reports at ease from anywhere in the world, since the BN4000 is ideal for unlimited locations and has the capability to support over 5,000 employees per system.

BN4000 Features

The BN4000 wireless time clock comes with a lifetime warranty. It also comes with the following features:

  • Free iPhone App
  • Large color display
  • Department Transfers – supports unlimited departments
  • Upload company logo on the color screen
  • Store 5,000 Templates per terminal
  • Plug ‘n Play Ethernet connection
  • Biometric technology
  • Compatible with personal computers, MAC, and Linux
  • Voice response
  • Manages multiple locations
  • Access employee attendance data in real time
  • Employees can punch in and out using CN4000 from internet, mobile
  • Supports monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly payroll cycles
  • Easily exports data to Excel, Payroll 1, QuickBooks, MAS90, ADP, SurePayroll, PeachTree, PayChex, Millenium
  • Displays notices to the entire department or an individual employee
  • Optional auto deductions for lunch sessions

BN4000 wireless time clocks need an active uAttend account to operate and function seamlessly. Since the data is hosted on a secure offsite server, there is no fear of privacy infringement. At, we offer free install and setup assistance and free lifetime software support & upgrades for your BN4000 wireless time clocks.

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Affordable Service Plans for Employee Time Clocks

Employee time clocks have made businesses more productive and efficient by tracking accurate time and attendance data of employees. The biometric time tracking has further helped businesses manage their employees better. Selecting the right attendance time clock plan would help you save cost on your staff management and payroll.  With the rise in popularity of employee time clocks, numerous affordable service plans are now available for small to large businesses.

The pricing of subscription plans is linked to the number of your employees along with the features you would like to be incorporated into the system. While there is no space limitation in any subscription plan, bigger packages considerably bring down per employee cost. You can access a host of free services, such as free maintenance, live support, security measures, daily data backup, and upgrades.

Why Choose Monthly Subscription Plan

You can choose any of the affordable service plans depending on the number of employees you have and enjoy seamless employee time tracking. Choosing a monthly subscription plan gives you the added benefit and flexibility to adjust the cost of your plan cost for every month, depending on the increase or decrease in the number of your employees. It is easy and simple to switch from one plan to another, depending on the growth of your business grow.

You can get greater cost-saving benefits and upgrade your plan at any time. What’s more, you have the flexibility to downgrade your web based attendance employee time clocks service plan any time you so desire. At, your subscription fee is inclusive of all software upgrades as well as maintenance support.

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Comparing Time and Attendance Clocks

Time and attendance clocks are a smart choice if you are a small enterprise in need of a staff management solution or a large business looking for complete staff and time management software. If you are still tracking employee time on spreadsheets and punch cards, you are falling behind, especially in these times when cutting costs has become of paramount importance to survive in competition.

Time and attendance clocks offer you an accurate way to pay your workers for the number of hours worked. These clocks, if integrated with payroll software, can output easy-to-read reports for your payroll department, thus saving your business several hours that you would otherwise spend tallying up old mechanical punch clocks or hand-written time sheets systems to generate your payroll. Time and attendance software is the perfect choice for you to get out of this situation! Equipped with plug n play features, these web-based time and attendance clocks can deliver seamless HR functioning.

  • The software makes it easy for you to use several computers to track as well as keep a record of the employee time and attendance information. Moreover, all the reports needed to trace the real cost to the business can be easily generated on one computer alone. This is not possible in traditional time recording software.
  • Save time and money otherwise spent on your accountant for processing manual time and attendance system data. Now HR managers can save time they would otherwise spend on collating employee attendance sheets and data.
  • The software makes it easy for you to record and track employee overtime. Now time and attendance clocks can record data of an unlimited number of employees, which was quite difficult to record in other time tracking systems. Moreover, compliance with local overtime laws is not a problem anymore with the attendance software, which keeps track of your real labor costs and prevents overpayments to employees.
  • Thetime and attendance clocks are an easy way to prevent fraudulent time keeping records and buddy punching, thus saving your business enough time and money. You have 24/7 access to the web-based timesheets, unlike traditional attendance recording systems that had limited uses.
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Integrating Payroll with Your Time Clock

Are you wondering whether payroll time clocks would be the right choice for your business? Do you ever question the feasibility of such time clocks? Do you doubt the accuracy of your manual time sheets? Inaccuracy in payroll accounting may prove disastrous for your business. Integrating payroll with time clocks can easily eliminate several such problems related to keeping a check on your employees.

Implementing Payroll Time Clocks

The traditional time tracking system may undermine your ability to accurately log employee hours. However, modern time keeping systems, including payroll time clocks, can help you avoid such problems. You can easily integrate the time clock directly into your payroll software, thus saving time and eliminating manual entry errors.

  • Reduce chances for errors  – you don’t have to worry about typing mistakes
  • Save time by seamlessly importing a file – no need to manually enter payroll twice
  • Eliminate double entry – no need for hand-written time recording cards
  • Eliminate confusion of inaccurate handwriting – no need to re-enter hours
  • Reduce need for manual work – ensure better accuracy
  • More accurate tracking of the hours your employees’ work – eliminate chances of buddy punching

Integrating your time clock with payroll software would make the entire payroll process simpler and quicker. With the implementation of payroll time clocks, your business would be able to get more accurate time and pay information and streamline payroll processes. There is no better tool for time management, employee management, and time tracking!

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