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BN6500 WiFi Biometric Time Clock
Our all new biometric fingerprint time...
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BN6000 Biometric Time Clock
Our all new biometric fingerprint time clo...
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CB6500 Wireless Time Clock
Our wireless time clock system. The uAtten...
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OB2000 Citadel Tablet Time Clock
For businesses from just a few to hundreds...
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Wireless Time Clock


Ready to simplify your employee time tracking? Our time clock systems are the easiest to implement and are guaranteed for the life of the product. There is no software to maintain and the web based time tracking is plug and play ready. You connect the system to the internet and it is ready to go!

  • Affordable - Compare our timeclocks to the competition! We are 65-80% LESS than competing products.
  • Plug and Play - Connect to the internet and it's ready to go! No software installation or devices to configure. Receive the clock, select an affordable monthly plan, and set up your employees.
  • Simple - Complete access from any internet browser.
  • Expandable - Add as many employees as you like. Add as many devices as you need at your business.
If you are ready to solve your employee time tracking problems, let us help you find the perfect solution for your business. Whether you have 2 or 200+ employees, our time clocks and service plans will save you money and improve the efficiency of your business.