Are Computerized Time Clocks Right for Your Business?

Wondering whether computerized time clocks are right solutions for your business? Well, these time and attendance solutions are ideal for collecting employee attendance records, produce management reports, and generate payroll, thus ensuring efficiency in business.

Available in different configurations, computerized time clocks collect employee clocking in and out data and transfer the same to the PC, from where it can be easily accessed by the HR department and managers. The major benefit of these systems is that they automatically collect accurate employee attendance and work hours into a central computer, which processes the reports.

Computerized time clocks allow you to determine

• Who is in and out

• Summary of hours worked

• Individual employee reports

• Shifts report

• Holidays report

• Employee records in terms of each day, week, month

These types of attendance systems work in a simple way, with employees simply dropping in the time card and the clock doing the rest. Since the time clock automatically records and calculates employee hours, this helps the organization save time and reduce clerical errors.

Computerized time clocks can be interfaced to the payroll software and accurately report overtime, missed punches, late entries, employee vacations, and so on. Most of these clocks support a range of reader technologies, including proximity and biometric fingerprint, and bar code. These are a great way to record accurate employee data and ideal for small businesses that cannot spend much on investing in time recording solutions.

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