Comparing Time and Attendance Clocks

Time and attendance clocks are a smart choice if you are a small enterprise in need of a staff management solution or a large business looking for complete staff and time management software. If you are still tracking employee time on spreadsheets and punch cards, you are falling behind, especially in these times when cutting costs has become of paramount importance to survive in competition.

Time and attendance clocks offer you an accurate way to pay your workers for the number of hours worked. These clocks, if integrated with payroll software, can output easy-to-read reports for your payroll department, thus saving your business several hours that you would otherwise spend tallying up old mechanical punch clocks or hand-written time sheets systems to generate your payroll. Time and attendance software is the perfect choice for you to get out of this situation! Equipped with plug n play features, these web-based time and attendance clocks can deliver seamless HR functioning.

  • The software makes it easy for you to use several computers to track as well as keep a record of the employee time and attendance information. Moreover, all the reports needed to trace the real cost to the business can be easily generated on one computer alone. This is not possible in traditional time recording software.
  • Save time and money otherwise spent on your accountant for processing manual time and attendance system data. Now HR managers can save time they would otherwise spend on collating employee attendance sheets and data.
  • The software makes it easy for you to record and track employee overtime. Now time and attendance clocks can record data of an unlimited number of employees, which was quite difficult to record in other time tracking systems. Moreover, compliance with local overtime laws is not a problem anymore with the attendance software, which keeps track of your real labor costs and prevents overpayments to employees.
  • Thetime and attendance clocks are an easy way to prevent fraudulent time keeping records and buddy punching, thus saving your business enough time and money. You have 24/7 access to the web-based timesheets, unlike traditional attendance recording systems that had limited uses.
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