The Perfect Time Clocks for Small Businesses

Are you looking for the “perfect” time clock for your small business to keep costs under control, particularly labor costs? A standard office time clock is not usually the right choice when it comes to controlling labor costs. Depending on your industry and employee strength, you can opt for a time and attendance solution.

• If your employees spend most of their time working outside the office, it is better to opt for a mobile time clock to track your employee attendance and work hours.

• As a small business owner, constrained by operational budgets, it is but a costly investment to spend your money on customized computer systems to manage time and attendance records. You can opt for affordable, reliable web-based time clocks for small businesses to determine true performance of your employees and record attendance. Automated time clock software, such as uAttend, seamlessly integrates with all payroll-processing systems, including QuickBooks, ADP, Sure Payroll, and Paychex, among others.

Employee management clocks for small businesses are Plug n’ Play, requiring no complex software to install. What’s more, you don’t need any extensive training to operate the system. The cloud based system allows recording employee work hours in real time, while securely storing the data to be accessed only by authorized personnel from anywhere in the world to check employee time and attendance records. You can modify administrative settings any time, which ensures flexibility in tracking hourly time data of each employee.

If you are finding it hard to record employee work hours, web based time clocks for small businesses are the ideal choice for you.

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