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If you have often found your employees trying to cheat on their time card, web based attendance tracking systems offer the ultimate solution to such time clock fraud.  In the absence of an effective time clock system, such as uAttend time and attendance devices, your employees might claim that they were at work at a specific time when they were actually away from work or not at all present at the job site. Statistics reveal that US businesses register losses worth over one hundred billion dollars every year due to buddy punching, employee abuse, time theft, and human error.

Types of Time Clock Fraud

While there are honest employees in every organization, there may be dishonest employees as well, who try to cheat their employer by indulging in time theft or time clock fraud. The American Payroll Association statistics reveal that annually an organization business loses $1,100 to time theft per employee, which is more like paying payroll taxes twice! Here are some common time fraud methods used by dishonest employees to swindle businesses:

  • Buddy Punching – Manual clocks run the risk of buddy punching, wherein one employee punches on behalf of another one, who might be absent or tardy at that time. Thus they are able to record attendance of absent employees or work hours, thus defrauding the employer. Buddy punching costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Installing biometric employee time clocks will offer you the best option to eliminate buddy punching, as there is no way an employee can clock-in or clock-out on behalf of others. Fingerprint or facial recognition will completely eliminate buddy punching.
  • Number Manipulation – An employee may try to manipulate numbers on a legitimately punched time card using an ink that matches the color used by the time clock database. This is similar to time clock manipulation, wherein an employee accesses the time clock setup in order to fraudulently adjusting the time or punching their time card. This equals to money lost for the business. With fingerprint time clocks installed, there is no way an employee can alter the clock-in and -out times.
  • Unsecured Computer – An unsecure computer is prone to time manipulation by employees punch in and out by logging into a computer. Here a web based time attendance clock can stop time theft as well as eliminate chances of human error and payroll mistakes. This will make your business cost efficient.
  • Manual Time Recording – Many small businesses continue to keep track time using the manual writing system, which is most prone to time theft or fraud. An employee can easily manipulate manual time sheets and input the time as per their wish, without the fear of being caught. Or there could be errors due to bad handwriting.

Honestly Tracking Time

Biometric employee time clocks will honestly track time and work hours, besides, overtime, absence, sick days, breaks for lunches, vacation time and help reduce a lot of fraud. Secure employee time clocks, such as facial recognition or fingerprint time tracking devices, will positively change the way you do business. All you need to do is register your employees once and watch the transformation!