Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Attendance Clocks

To improve the proficiency of any kind of organization, it is very important to regularize its employees in their routine and work. The first step to success is to be punctual. A few common problems, with most of the employees, are late coming, early leaving, and pretending it to be on time, doing less work but showing as doing more, etc. These problems grow bigger and bigger if they are not handled properly.


Our time attendance clocks can help you cope with all these issues efficiently. This computerized electronic device removes such problems, and allows you to run your company the way you want to.


This device is easy to use and works on plug and play system. Based on web-punching system, it is programmed to synchronize with latest technologies and operating systems and compatible to operate with Windows and Linux. Very simple to operate, all you need to do is to punch on the pad attached with it and your fingerprints are saved in the device memory, then you are allotted an ID. Henceforth, you are recognized by that ID. Your attendance will not be marked in office until you come and punch the device. Your off time is also noted down in the same way.


Our time attendance clocks have proved very useful in all types of companies, organizations, and offices. They can be adjusted in any management system. They offer a complete solution of timing disputes. Its features are subject to change with the change in its models. Also, the prices vary depending upon its features. Considering the demands of the current and coming day, the models are modified.