Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Web Based Attendance Tracking

No business can make progress without proper support of its workers and employees. if workers are not kept under strict supervision, they can be harmful due to their negligence. It’s obvious that to avoid system collapse, we have to introduce the system of checks, and balances. Extra-ordinary supervisors can resolve these matters. Even then, possibilities of mistakes and negligence are always there.


Our web based attendance tracking system can comfortably eradicate these problems with 100% accuracy. This web-based attendance tracking device works exactly in accordance with plug and play system. It allows the management to check out the attendance, working hours, and the date of work done. A highly user-friendly device works efficiently with almost all modern operating systems.


Web punching and Pin-assigning are two other worth-mentioning features of our based attendance tracking system. With our web based attendance tracking gives you can easily trace those who delay in their work.


Equally beneficial for every type and size of company, as it can be expanded for more and more workers. Different models house different features and prices based upon the available features. However, most have quite reasonable price tags. Labor management is not an issue now. Administrations and managements can really make the most of this device to make their business thrive.