Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Computerized Time Clocks

Computerized time clocks have come up as the right solution for the organizations, and businesses that want a speedy processing in managing their tasks. With our efficient time clock systems, you can record the work hours of your employees without any hassle and within the twinkling of an eye.


Our technically proficient time clocks are easy to use and they offer numerous benefits with their individually unique features. These features include running various computer software/programs and operating systems such as Windows whether it’s XP, Vista, or Win7, Mac, and Linux.


The said features also include Pin assigning to a limited number of employees, as well as allocation of cards, which again is limited. The limit of Pin and Proximity cards varies with the variations in models of these computerized time clocks.


You can make the most of the advantage of selecting the right computerized time clock for your firm or organization as per its demands, and the number of employees it has.


The price ranges vary as these features and options vary. The most fantastic aspect that attracts you towards our modern business gadgets is their capability to cope with the modern day requirements. To check this out, it can be easily seen that most of the models come with QuickBooks Plug-in and ADP Export, Excel (.cvs) export. In addition, a company can enjoy the ease of Ethernet, Internet, and USB connection, which makes the gadget easier to use. Web punching is another remarkable feature of our computerized time clocks.


Life goes easier with the use of the items known as ‘the need of time’, so it’s a better option for a business to go for computerized time clocks if it administers punctuality and accuracy.