Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

With virtual employees, it is often difficult to track accurate attendance and work hours, but with web based attendance tracking, it is no longer a hassle. It can cost your business dear if virtual employees indulge in time theft and you have no logistics to track their time.  

Employee Time Tracking Made Easy

For businesses with a growing number of employees telecommuting or working remotely, it can be an onerous task to track actual attendance and work hours. In fact, a single location for recordkeeping has almost become impractical. However, a web based time clock is an accurate and impartial way to track employee time. It leads the way toward virtual employee time tracking and recordkeeping, thus making attendance, work hour, vacation, off-time, overtime records available for secure review anywhere anytime, where there is a working internet connection.

  • Time and attendance systems are ideal tools for a virtual business to hold employees accountable for their hours worked, much better than a paper timecard or manual timesheet that is fallible to errors and fraud. In the absence of such a reliable time attendance system, employees might indulge in time theft or buddy punching, which can cost a business dear. With time clocks, it is easier and convenient for employers to accurately document and classify employee attendance.
  • These fully automated, 100% web-based devices easily track and manage employee time and address your workforce management needs. Since managers, payroll department, and employees must submit all requests through these web based attendance tracking systems, this eliminates risk for any kind of errors and manual time-off processes. 
  • An automated time tracking device is your foolproof system that employees can never cheat, thus helping businesses reach their goals of increasing profit and reducing cost by developing a true everyday solution. The completely web based software allows for guaranteed access anytime anywhere and live reporting. It offers new enhanced reporting capabilities, helping you track employee attendance online.
  • Simple to use, web based attendance tracking online system allows employees to clock in and punch out through an internet-connected computer, thus making it easier for them to report their time and work hours to employers.
  • The time tracking software automatically checks for overlapping time entries and calculates gross payroll figures. The administrator can easily add notes to specific time entries. It is an ultimate plug 'n play solution that is up and running immediately.
  • Time attendance clocks efficiently take care of time tracking tasks and workforce time and leave management, allowing you to focus both your time and money on managing your business, generating more revenue, reducing operational costs rather than wasting time on worrying about employee time theft or other matters related to employee time and work hours.

An up-to-date time tracking software effectively streamlines time and attendance policies and lowers labor costs, making it easy for a virtual business, with telecommuting or remote employees, to address employee time problems.