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Employee Time Clocks

This is a clock having memory. Nowadays Employee Time Clock is used all over the world in small enterprises to huge industries just because of the reason it saves time, saves money, Accurate reports, Efficient result, and don’t need rest. Each employee has to enter while pin code while entering, and before exiting from the company or office. The pin code is entered either by bar code on employee ID card, or by certain code given to them. It provides reports on daily basis. As the reports are statistical, they increase efficiency. It saves money in such a case the company does not need any attendance notice to stand up at the gate on 24/7 basis, and enter the name and time of employee enter or exit, their lunch break, vacations, half days, leaves, etc.


In early days, these clocks used to work manually. Employee had to enter his or her name, time, and other stuff, but nowadays the software engineers have developed much advanced technologies to do the needful. When an employee enters a code, automatically his/her name, time, and job for which he/she is hired, is selected and placed on the report, which can be seen any time by the manager, or owner of the company. The employee time clock keeps on doing job non-stop, and does not need rest. This way, it forces the company’s employees to be punctual. You can easily see this type of products in banks, multinational, and national companies, in bakery, restaurants, and hotels. This clock has made really easier to manage projects and assignments of companies on daily basis, and that increases the company’s productivity.


These clocks automatically note down shift time in hours. Therefore, it is easier to mention over time, and an employee can get bonus for over time, or double shift. Time clocks are the one time expense for the company, but are lifetime functional. All the newly setup small, medium, and large enterprises in all over the world get these products before starting their business.