Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Wondering whether to upgrade your web based time attendance tracking software? Well, it is certainly time to upgrade if you continue to use the traditional paper punch card and timesheet system, which is outdated and riddled with flaws. But even if you are using an automated time clock, you may still want to upgrade so that your business can take advantage of the many new features modern systems have to offer.

Many Reasons To Upgrade Employee Time Clocks

While businesses that continue to use the traditional time tracking systems often complain of employee time theft issues and buddy punching, they suffer losses to the extent of hundreds of thousands of dollars for this reason. As their manual time attendance solutions are fallible to errors, they end up paying for hours not actually worked by employees.

If you are using traditional time and attendance timesheets, it’s time you upgraded to a web based time recording system, which accurately records employee time. Besides saving time and money with a wireless time clock, such as the uAttend CB2500 Wireless Time Clock from wirelesstimeclock.com, you also have the appropriate tool to stay current with your competitors, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

  • You may also feel the need to upgrade your employee time clocks if you plan to grow your organization. Upgrading your attendance software to an affordable premium version, capable of tracking all your employees, will give you greater features, including expanding your reporting option and customizing key features. Automated biometric time clocks, such as the uAttend BN4000 WiFi Biometric Time Clock, are becoming widely popular these days. Fingerprint attendance solutions ensure 100% accuracy in time recording and tracking and are easy to set up and operate.
  • If you are expanding your organization to a virtual team of employees, upgrading your time tracking system will do you good. When you can no longer rely only on your in-house team and plan to hire a virtual team, it is essential to ensure that you have the ultimate tool to track attendance and work hours of your remote employees. Paper timesheets are no longer in fashion, and do not ensure accuracy and efficacy in recording time and work hours. A web based time tracking solution, such as the uAttend CB1500 Web Based Time Clock, makes tasks of managers and HR departments easier, allowing them to quickly review and approve employee work hours for payroll efficiency.
  • Further, if you doubt that your employees are reporting accurate attendance and work hours, it is time to upgrade your traditional time recording system to a wifi biometric time, which will act as a deterrent to your workers, preventing them from indulging in time theft, such as proxy punching.
  • Last but not least, a web based attendance tracking system gives you a range of time and attendance tracking tools that are easy to configure, automate, share data with other software, ensure data is current, complete and accurate, besides making reporting and administration of data simple and easy.