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Facial recognition time and attendance clocks are vital for every business organization, as these record accurate real time data and ensure precision, reliability, and excellent matching speed. As the fastest biometric technology, facial recognition equipment analyzes characteristics of facial images automatically taken through a digital camera. The hands-free clock-in solution measures the facial structure of the employees and lets them clock in and out within seconds, instantly verifying their identity without requiring them to touch the terminal.

Facial recognition even works well in low-light, dark environments, but not in direct sunlight using an array of infrared lights. The unique facial landmarks that the software uses to identify a person include:

  • Distance between eyes
  • Depth of eye sockets
  • Width of nose
  • Shape of cheekbones
  • Length of jaw line

The verification process takes place in less than 5 seconds and involves capture, extraction, comparison, and matching. During the process, facial recognition software will locate the person's face and match it with the claimed identity in its facial database.

Key Features of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has made it more effective for employers to monitor employee work hours and ensure better control, superior speed, enhanced security, indisputable personal verification, and effective employee management and control. The software is known for high speed of verification and high recognition accuracy, with over 99% verification rate.

  • Provides visual view of face detection
  • Records overtime, work hours, and tardiness
  • Automatic visual view of the video input
  • Simple, easy-to-use graphics interface
  • Facilitates data export facility
  • Allows the HR manager to amend time attendance data
  • Coordinates with Payroll, Quickbooks, ERP

Facial recognition time and attendance clocks have evolved to be the perfect solution for irrefutable attendance verification, eliminating need for badges and cards and reducing the risk of buddy punching, clock padding while providing a hygienic alternative to fingerprint-based systems. Employees simply look at the clock and the system instantly identifies them, leaving no room for errors, unlike time-consuming manual time tracking systems. Since employees are recognized with their facial features, they cannot make any excuse to have missed punches, citing loss of badges.

Facial recognition clock is easy to set up and plug-and-play ready. The system is completely based in the cloud and can be configured with a static IP address and accessed from iPhone and Android smart phones. In many businesses, fingerprints are not effective time tracking solutions, and the facial recognition software offers the same level of security as a biometric terminal.

Benefits of Biometric Time Clocks

  • Biometric clocks eliminate the need for time clock supervision and increase payroll accuracy, with real-time access to labor reports, providing irrefutable labor records.
  • These devices enable advanced scheduling capabilities, ensuring accurate application of labor and payroll practices.
  • The software can be connected to access control systems, thus ensuring integrated enterprise security.
  • Biometric time and attendance clocks provide reliable, accurate, and non-repudiated auditable real-time labor data, verifying compliance with government regulations and company policies and reducing business risk.