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Setting Up Fingerprint Time Clocks at Your Business

Undoubtedly the wave of the future, fingerprint employee time clocks have changed the way many companies do business, monitor attendance and work hours, and manage payroll data. Fingerprint scanning systems are a smart alternative to conventional attendance clocks, which eliminate risk of buddy punching and time theft, reducing errors from processing inaccurate time and attendance cards. Fingerprint time clocks are quite a cost-effective and affordable way to managing your employees and extremely easy to install.


The affordable attendance system works with all types of businesses, requiring no software to install. Being completely web based, this automated time recording system allows you to access, edit, or modify information from a time clock, computer, or smartphone connected with the Internet.  These fingerprint recording systems are easy to install. There are some providers that offer free installation and will set up the system for you, and connect it with multiple locations. You don’t need any specific training to run and use the system, with no learning curves to master.


Since the fingerprint system is cloud based, you can track your employees time and data from anywhere in the world and check live reporting down to the second. The fingerprint attendance system is efficient enough to give you accurate information on employee time, hours, schedules, vacations, overtime, thus helping you resolve common staffing issues, which would otherwise eat up a lot of your time.


Fingerprint time clocks are flexible and easy to use and can be accessed using any browser. With fingerprint time clocks requiring no inventory to manage, unlike traditional time attendance systems that needed you to maintain piles of paper, these are error free, and employees cannot cheat the system. Install the time clock system and then employees are tagged to their individual Id numbers and then their finger is scanned and fingerprint is tagged to the User Id numbers. Each employee can store more than one fingerprint. The next time the employee tries to record their attendance, they will be prompted to scan their fingerprint and place their hand on the sensor to enable the system to recognize them. Plug your fingerprint scanners into the computers you wish to use as biometric time clock stations.

Why Fingerprint Employee Time Clocks Are Your Best Option

Fingerprint employee time clocks have become the latest trend to reduce time theft, employee fraud, and buddy punching while increasing efficiency of your Human Resources department, since you can check all kinds of employee time and attendance reports, which can be integrated with your payroll system. The time clocks reduce costly data entry and payroll errors and reduce processing time and payroll inflation, which is otherwise common to manual processes.


Accurate payroll processing ensures no labor disputes on payroll issues, reduction in waste. The time clock uploads all data directly into the payroll system. No hurdles in recording, calculating, and controlling timesheets, fingerprint time clocks record attendance and work hours regularly for the purpose of calculating salary on a daily basis.  You can clearly identify which employees are performing exceptionally well and who are not and then reward them for their performance, thus motivating them to work more efficiently.


 The ideal fingerprint time clocks can be customized as per your needs. You can expect to receive ongoing support from the dealer even after your time and attendance software is up and running.