Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Biometric time clock systems are widely becoming popular as workforce management solutions, thanks to their efficiency in recording employee time and work hours. These time tracking systems also help businesses achieve maximum productivity and efficiency, which is sought by almost all organizations to stay ahead of their competition. Small and large businesses are implementing automated workforce management solutions and seeing considerable reduction in labor costs.

  • Time Theft: One of the most critical success factors for an organization is its ability to address employee time theft, which costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. As per industry estimates, intentional or unintentional time theft makes for 1.5% -10% of gross payroll, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars in losses annually.
  • Buddy Punching: Biometric time clocks eliminate the risk of proxy punching, one of the significant sources of time theft, by linking each employee to a personal labor record. Biometrics use a proven technology to consistently deliver reliable, accurate, and auditable real-time employee data for effective labor management. Businesses using a biometric reader are surprised to find how much proxy punching was costing them.
  • Minimal Data Entry Errors: It is often found that manual time card systems are vulnerable to time errors when an effort is made to enter the information into the computer. However, biometric fingerprint time clocks offer an easy to use, cost-effective timekeeping solution, which are highly durable and continue to work for years to come, thus saving time and helping avoid costly mistakes in preparing manual time sheets or payrolls.
  • Paperless All the Way: Businesses using automated attendance software can avoid time and cost on maintaining records for payroll department, unlike manual recording systems that require creating separate manual sheets for payroll records. Maintaining digital records of payroll information doesn’t require extra efforts on the part of the managers or HR department in case of automated systems, such as a biometric time clock. This not only allows businesses the ability to maintain digital records, but also ensures their compliance with labor laws, eliminating costly paper trails.
  • Reduced Overhead Expenses: Fingerprint employee time clocks eliminate the expense of stolen or lost ID cards as well as the cost of purchasing replacement cards. The automated timekeeping units eliminate need for attendance clock supervision, ID card processing, and supplies linked to time card and offer benefits beyond irrefutable labor records while consistently delivering reliable, accurate, and auditable labor data.
  • Greater Efficiency: A biometric fingerprint time clock is easy to use and records employee hours in real time. The speed of verification and accuracy in recording employee time make these automated devices ideal systems to track time. Biometrics offer businesses matchless ability to accurately capture real-time labor data, operational benefits and non-repudiated audit trail than alternative time tracking methods.

All in all, biometric time clock systems are reliable, easy to use, and cost effective devices that help businesses streamline their time and attendance process. Biometric devices ensure businesses pay only as much as employees deserve.