Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Lighten Your HR Time and Attendance Workload with Automated Clocks

Time and attendance clocks can help you efficiently track employee time and attendance and manage your workforce. For HR and Payroll professionals, it is critical to maintain employee attendance, overtime, vacation, payment records and promptly answer inquiries; however, this can be time consuming and entail high administrative costs.


The industry leading integrated time clock solutions lighten workload for the HR department, reduce paper processes, minimize the time to enter work hours data into the payroll, streamline data capture, thus helping streamline payroll preparation. This ensures better wage and hour compliance and improves access to information.  An automated time and attendance system can reduce errors in the enforcement of attendance policies of your organization.

Simplify Payroll Processing

An automated time and attendance clock is an integrated solution for time and attendance management that simplifies payroll processing and saves precious time and cost for your business. Intuitive and simple to use, an attendance system requires no training on your part to get started, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than having to deal with paper trails and punch cards. An automated system lightens your work load, as you don’t need to waste work hours tracking and managing time clock data.  


Since there is no risk of discrepancies in time recording, an automated time attendance clock gives you peace of mind and makes your life easier. It leaves no room for buddy punching or time theft and allows you more time to focus on core areas, achieve optimal efficiency, increase revenue, and stay competitive. Automation helps businesses efficiently manage time and attendance, allowing you to maximize control of time and attendance, avoid unnecessary overtime, track course and training attendance, approve leaves, vacation according to business rules, track employee assets, build schedules by employees or department, make comparison of scheduled time with actual hours worked, access real-time punch data, and manage absenteeism, thus taking productivity to a new level.

Absence Management

Automated time and attendance clocks enable you to consistently enforce attendance and leave policies, track intermittent leaves, and manage overlapping state leave laws. These time and attendance solutions can be automated and standardized to your company’s pay policies so that it is easier for you to manage labor costs, calculate hours worked and paid time off, control overtime, and empower your managers and workforce with self-service and thus enabling them access to work hours, shift schedules, and vacation balances. This helps improve employee engagement for a more connected, efficient, and more productive workforce.


Automated time clocks can be accessed in real time via a clocking declaration or virtual terminal. You can set up your working time and manage associated events, such as overtime totals, anomalies, and bonuses. The attendance system allows you to monitor group or individual account screen and your vital time and attendance results in real time, including accounts, presence and absence time totals, balance, and efficiently calculate all variable payroll elements.


With an automated time and attendance clock, you have the tools to simplify employee scheduling, prevent workforce from working outside scheduled hours, ensure adequate staffing coverage, and avoid unnecessary overtime.