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Time Clocks Software for Small Business

Small businesses often face more administrative problems than the big ones. The most common problem faced by small businesses is lack of employees output that is mainly due to improper time tracking and mismanagement. Let’s face it, employees sabotage management, and do foul play by coming late to work and showing themselves on time. Our time clock software for small businesses provides the best solutions for all such problems.


Our time clock software for small businesses makes time tracking as easy and simple as 123. Just integrate them in your employees’ desktops, and you could see what’s going on. Our Time clock software for small business can be used on one or several computers, making it easy for the management to operate, and counter check employees’ punctuality.


The notable features of our time clock software for small businesses are monitoring of free time spent by employees as a break, time in time out status of employees, keeping accurate work time track, overtime report, and report generation of all the records- combined and separate, as per the choice. It is no doubt ensures accurate work output by the employees, as the employees know that they are being watched, and they do not dare to betray their employers, and are bound to give complete time to their work only.