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Web Based Time Clock Software for Small Business

Calculating working hours of employees is always a nagging task for small and large businesses. The companies doing business at a large scale often have a solid computerized system to manage the attendance record of their employees, but small companies that manage their business with limited resources often look for some affordable options to maintain the record of the working hours and attendance of their employees.


Our web based time clock software is especially designed to meet the requirements of small businesses for recording working hours. You will find our web based time clock software smart enough to mange that nagging task. Online work of the employee is recorded along with the time measurement and saved in the log in of either the employee name or the top management, depending upon the internet and intranet settings of the company. The control of this web-based time clock software is either designed to be handled by each individual pc of the employee or a single control system is set and maintained by the central pc.


Small businesses do not have a complex networking system and the employees are paid on daily working hour basis that’s why web-based time clock software is handy and useful for small businesses as compared to large and complex business companies.