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Tedious Payroll? Employee Time Clocks May Be Solution

Traditional time keeping has become a thing of the past, and now is the time for payroll time clocks, which easily record attendance and time, calculate work hours and overtime, and automatically send reports to the payroll software, thus saving you time and money. Manual time tracking system can be a tedious and time-consuming process, which involves collecting employee punch cards and discussing with supervisors about excessive or missing hours. However, there is a high risk of buddy punching, time theft, and human error, costing businesses considerably since they have to pay for incorrect hours. The errors could be found only after the employees get paid, requiring immediate adjustment.


Modern employee time clocks are feature rich, making time tracking, benefit hour accruals, department transfer, timecard batching, department scheduling, payroll exports easier than never before. Simple to install and easy to use, time clocks do not require you or your employees to undergo specialized training to learn functioning of the attendance tracking software, which has made it quite simple for human resources and administrative department to check payroll data.  Unlike traditional time recording systems, time clocks allow employees to enter time from a web browser, smart phone, voice telephone, or wall-mounted clock.


Since employee time clocks are integrated with payroll software, you never have to re-enter or calculate hours, as this is taken care of by the attendance recording system itself. Adding time tracking to your payroll service ensures that you can save adequate time that would otherwise be lost in entering data manually and thus avoid errors from re-entering data, which could prove costly for any business. 


  • A payroll time clock system is designed taking payroll cost reduction into mind, which gives you a flexible workforce management tool to efficiently manage and track staff time.
  • A time clock solution, featuring secure, sophisticated tools to determine accurate work hours, is an ideal solution to improve productivity, automatically calculate employee work hours and wages using payroll policies of your business, thus giving you peace of mind and allow for better decision making.
  • The software is efficient enough to create valuable management reports, reducing chances of overpayment of workers.


Payroll time clock software is fully configurable and secure. You can set your own payroll rules and fully automate payroll reporting and thus eliminate tedious manual procedures, thus saving precious work time. Improved accuracy resulting from use of employee time clocks helps lower payroll production costs while seamlessly integrating into routine of your business. Payroll time clock software is a complete management tool that will help you gain greater control over efficiency and provide the accuracy needed in your business operations.


Employee attendance system is a comprehensive payroll time clock system, recording your time and attendance needs, reporting and payroll management using your own payroll rule, and providing productivity management tools for different functions. Employee time clocks are a reliable, cost effective, and secure replacement for mechanical attendance recording systems, accurately calculating overtime and tracking your employee time while providing flexibility required by your business to run your payroll and attendance systems.