Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Time Attendance Clocks

Most of the new business enterprises are now working on fast and quick working procedures in order to compete with the competitors and to survive in this highly advanced world where every one is being addicted to internet and information technologies to assist themselves in their work. Time saving has now become a vital part of every business organization. Such software are being developed that assist the businesses to perform different tasks quickly and efficiently.


Our time attendance clocks are specially designed for the changing needs your business. Business organizations, both small and large, can make the most of our attendance clocks to calculate and then record the working hours and attendance of all the employees. These attendance clocks mark the attendance of the employee who is present in the office, daily and then also note the working hours so that the top management could easily calculate their salary on daily terms.


Some old attendance clocks were designed manually but with the help of the latest technology, our software engineers have developed a type of special software for measuring and recording the attendance and working hours of all the employees. Our attendance clock software also proves very effective to update the daily work of employees so that the efficient employees should be awarded with bonuses for their efficient work. This way motivates the workers to do their best in future.


Automatic time and attendance clocks are now available at cheap rates. These attendance clocks automatically calculate the working hours of employees even in the absence of managers and CEOs. THEY can also calculate the off time hours of the employees to assist the management to deduct that amount from the salaries.