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Time Clocks That Integrate With the Latest Payroll Software

With the advent of technology, a range of innovative employee time tracking and management software have come up that enable businesses to save time and ensure error-free attendance and work hour records. Moreover, these systems easily integrate with the latest payroll software, facilitating the task of accessing and integrating time records for the HR department and managers.


Attendance Time Tracking Software Integration with Payroll

Since time clock systems automatically calculate and update attendance and work hours, they unburden the administration executives who can access the entire payroll data with a click of a mouse. This innovation in the field of time and attendance has eliminated the need for managers and payroll staff to spend hours and days together calculating the number of work hours manually. Moreover, there is no longer the need to scan through the whole gamut of manual records to access a piece of information. 


Integration of the employee time tracking and management software has eliminated the need to re-enter the data and details for each employee, allowing for automatic transfer of the data to the HR department with a click of mouse and thus reducing the risk of errors that were highly likely earlier due to manual data entry. The entire automated process thus ensures accuracy throughout the process of payroll processing. This also ensures timey payroll processing, which is essential to keep up the morale and loyalty of the employees.


The employee time tracking and management software will help you:

  • Eliminate chances for errors, so never have to worry about typing mistakes.
  • Eliminate need for manually entering payroll twice, thus saving time by easily importing a file
  • Accommodate business needs with support for both salaried and hourly employees
  • Eliminate need for costly stand-alone system while streamlining the time sheet management allowing you to take your employee work data directly to payroll.
  • Effectively monitor, manage, and pay your employees, reduce payroll costs, eliminate time theft and buddy punching from your workplace.
  • Minimize the cost of overtime and clerical errors with time clock software, which is fully customizable for your specific situation.
  •  Save hundreds of dollars in every payroll period and stop paying unneeded payroll expenses.
  • Closely track employee time spent on every single project and find accurate and real time figures for more precise billing.
  • Automatically collect and report time data on every single task.
  • Control access to certain features and protect any specific data or information from falling in wrong or unauthorized hands.
  • Stop unauthorized punches, such


An affordable and smart solution, the attendance time tracking software allows you to streamline your business processes to efficiently face your competitors, put a stop on payroll losses, and achieve your business objectives.  You have the additional benefit of data security, as the payroll data is encrypted and stored on secure servers, ensuring 100% integrity of your data and privacy of your employees.


While looking for a reliable payroll service provider, check whether they provide employee time tracking and management software, having integration feature, to put to an end human errors in payroll processing.