Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Employee Time Tracking & Management Software

It may happen in daily life that company owners, or business related officials get problems like how to manage the daily time sheets of their employees . Moreover, the other issue can be checking their Time In, Time Out, vacations, project reports, invoices, etc. Our product helps managers in getting their presentations, meetings schedules, and projects reports directly in their Personal Computer besides to call an employee, and ask.


Hence, it is a time saving and improving punctuality software. Employee will be more efficient, more cooperative, hardworking, and definitely, this will increase productivity. Our product always monitors what is being accomplished. Our latest version of time tracking and management software is much better than ordinary time clocks in such a way that it not only provides time tracking, but also statistical reports, which are more accurate than ordinary trackers do. Its certain features make it different from other trackers.


These features include:

  • 1. Feature Set: Its first feature is to maintain records of employee daily time in/out, break, vacations, etc.
  • 2. Easy To Use: Our product is very friendly for users. One can easily understand how to use its tools for quick, better, and accurate output.
  • 3. Installation: Its installation process is straightforward, and do not have any unnecessary steps.
  • 4. Reports: Our software provides valuable reports that help in business aid, and management of the company.
  • 5. Time Tracking Capabilities: The very important feature of our product is to track employee’s projects, invoices, expenses, and customers.