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While salaried employees are entitled to fixed compensation for completing a set of job duties, it is still in the interest of the employer to ask "exempt" workers to clock in using their web based attendance tracking software. When salaried employees are hired, it is understood that they will discharge their duties efficiently, and employers hold such employees to a higher degree of accountability than hourly workers, because they are expected to fulfill their job responsibilities irrespective of the time it takes them. However, holding a salaried employee accountable for their work hours will be in the interest of your organization while making sure that they are not treated like a non-exempt employee.

Need for Salaried Employees to Clock In

Salaried employees cannot be penalized for working a shorter workday, but it is important to hold them accountable for bringing in efficiency in their work. Though not required by law, you can ask your salaried employees to clock in their hours to make sure they are fulfilling their job duties efficiently.

  • You may track work hours for purposes unrelated to their pay and may record daily attendance while complying with the wage and hour recordkeeping requirements for salaried employees.
  • You may require exempt employees to use employee time clocks to account for hours billed to clients, making it clear to them that these requirements are related to their job duties. Further, if you require salaried employees to arrive at a specific time or work for a specified number of hours, you must make sure these policies do not seem to be treating them as hourly or nonexempt employees, which, in their eyes, would amount to jeopardizing their exempt status.
  • As an employer, using time attendance clocks for your exempt employees would help you measure how much time they are spending working. Additionally, this also gives you a clear picture of the efficiency of each of your employees, most of who might be overburdened with responsibilities, which amounts to affecting their productivity. In that case, there is a risk that the employee’s morale is being affected, with no fault of their own. And no business can afford to negatively affect morale of their efficient employees.
  • The web based attendance tracking software will help you identify employees that are working too little and don't have enough to do. So you can expand their responsibilities or even replace them to make sure their talent and skills are efficiently used by the organization.

Note that requiring salaried employees to punch a time clock could lead to misuse of time keeping information in the HR department, as you cannot dock an exempt employee’s pay for clocking out early or clocking in late. Nevertheless, having salaried employees use web based attendance tracking can benefit your business in more ways than one.

If you intend to use a time attendance solution for your exempt employees, make sure you have drafted a well-thought-out policy so as not to face any penalty under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Evaluate your circumstances, communicate reasons for the same to employees, and monitor the policy and procedure to make sure they are consistently applied for all employees – from top to bottom.