Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

uAttend Service Plans

Our Service PlansOnce you have selected one of our affordable employee time clocks, you will need to select a monthly service plan, depending on the number of employees in your organization. The monthly plans for uAttend web based time clocks are prepared keeping in mind the number of employees a business has and the cost factor. The cost per employee is kept to the minimum possible to give an added user experience and other web based time clock benefits.


The following are our web based time clock software plans: (All fees are per month.)

1-9 Active Employees 10-19 Active Employees 20-49 Active Employees 50-99 Active Employees 100+ Active Employees
$18/month $29/month $49/month $79/month $119/month


Citadel Service Plans

The monthly plans for the Citadel Tablet time clocks are listed below. All monthly cloud subscription plans include receiving punch data from two time clocks. Add $10 per month for each additional time clock over two. Add $5 per month for data exports in formats other than .csv.



The following are our web based time clock software plans: (All fees are per month.)

1-4 Active Employees 5-14 Active Employees 15-30 Active Employees 31-60 Active Employees 61-100 Active Employees 101-200 Active Employees 200+ Active Employees
$12/month $24/month $38/month $68/month $98/month $148/month $248/month

Does Monthly Subscription Make Our Employee Time Clocks Costly?

No. Monthly subscriptions do not make our products costly compared to other alternatives. A monthly plan gives you the added flexibility to adjust your plan cost each month depending on number of employees. We have designed plans that are affordable for businesses of all sizes. You can switch from one plan to another as your business grows and upgrade your plan any time to get greater cost-saving benefits. Similarly, you can even downgrade your web based attendance tracking service plan. The subscription fee is inclusive of maintenance support and software upgrades.

Logging in and setting up your employees is simple and our How It Works Page explains how to get started. Ready to sign up?

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