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New Facial Recognition Employee Time Clock Now Available

WirelessTimeClock.com, a top provider of employee time clock and attendance systems, now offers the most inexpensive facial recognition employee time clock in the United States, compatible with low-cost time tracking software solutions.

San Luis Obispo, California (September 2012) – One of the top sellers of employee time clocks, WirelessTimeClock.com (http://www.wirelesstimeclock.com), announced today a new addition to their product line: the MN2000 Facial Recognition Clock from uAttend, competitively priced at just $299.00 with a monthly service plan.

Much like other biometric time clocks that WirelessTimeClock.com offers, this new clock contains an added level of security due to the requirement of actual physical interaction. The clock features a highly advanced technological component that allows up to 200 employees the ability to clock in and out of work using an image of their face.

“We’re thrilled to be carrying this breakthrough time clock technology,” says Scott Tobin, owner of WirelessTimeClock.com. “Our customers responded so well to our fingerprint time clocks and we are eager to see the reaction to this facial recognition clock. We think many businesses will jump at the opportunity to make their workplaces more secure and sophisticated at the same time.”

Mr. Tobin said that the new model not only allows for up to 200 facial recognition accounts, but also allows for unlimited RFID badge clock-ins, as well as unlimited PIN number clock-ins.

“200 accounts is more than enough for most small to medium sized businesses, and with the option of RFID and PIN clock-ins, the MN2000 provides a range of time and attendance solutions for businesses of all sizes,” adds Mr. Tobin.

Like other time clocks, this facial recognition time clock is plug-and-play ready, meaning that setup is virtually effortless. It also can be configured with a static IP address. The model is also compatible with uAttend time-management software that is completely based in the cloud, and can be accessed from iPhones and Android smartphones.

“Nearly everything that has to do with business these days is moving to the cloud: data storage, forms, you name it, it’s in the cloud,” notes Mr. Tobin. “It’s a practical solution for small to midsize businesses and uAttend software is as easy to use as you can get. Customers love the software because it’s so effortless and intuitive.”

MN2000 time clocks purchased from WirelessTimeClock.com come with 10 free RFID badges and free access to the smartphone app for employees, where they can track attendance and look at pertinent information. There’s also free lifetime replacement should the clock ever need to be replaced.