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New Fingerprint Time Clock Outselling Prior Model

WirelessTimeClock.com, the lead sellers of employee time clocks and attendance solutions, is seeing its new fingerprint time clock models outselling prior models. Customers are realizing the benefits of using a biometric time clock and increasing demand.


San Luis Obispo, California (August 2012) — WirelessTimeClock.com, the premiere destination for different types of employee time clocks, is seeing a huge demand for their new line of fingerprint time clocks.


Also known as a biometric time clock, these clocks require a fingerprint scan for the employee to clock in, ensuring that no funny business ever occurs on company time.


"We had a feeling that these biometric time clocks would make a big splash with customers and prospects but I couldn’t imagine this type of response," Scott Tobin, WirelessTimeClock.com owner, said. "They’re not just outselling the prior models, they’re nearly making them obsolete."


When asked what is driving the nonstop sales of these new clock models, Tobin attributes the success to the easy to use system and state-of-the-art technology.


“We’ve got the greatest employee attendance solution for any company out there,” Tobin said. “It’s flexible for employees, easy to manage for their managers and we’ve always gotten excellent feedback.”


The uAttend BN3000 Biometric Timeclock offers the same functionality as prior models but with innovative improvements. It offers a biometric fingerprint reader, optional PIN punch, plug n play accessibility, a large color display, the ability to upload a company logo, department transfers, and storage for up to 5,000 templates.


And on top of affordable monthly plans, the time clock comes with free lifetime replacements and a free iPhone app, where employees and managers can sync with their biometric time clock and get all the information they need right at their fingerprints.


“Nearly everything in business is going to mobile,” Tobin said. “And on top of that, nearly everything is going to the cloud, too. Small to midsize businesses are seeing that the cloud can really help with their operations and this new model, as well as other models, work with the cloud and make business operations easier.”


With a plug and play option, these new fingerprint time clocks don’t require much time to set up, either, Tobin said. The term “plug n play” really means exactly that. Within minutes a business can have their employee time clock up and running.


“The thing that sets our time clocks apart is not only the intuitive design and fingerprint scanners, but the software that it runs,” Tobin said. “With the uAttend software, the job of keeping track of hours, payroll, and all the other hassles essentially stop being hassles.”


Tobin said that if a business is interested in purchasing a new biometric time clock, now is the time to look into purchasing. For a small to midsized business, it’s a great solution.