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Web Based Time Clock Provider Launches New Site

Well-known web based time clock provider WirelessTimeClock.com launches a new website to improve user experience and offer additional information about its time and attendance solutions.


San Luis Obispo, California (April 2012) — Living up to its pledge of delivering the best attendance time tracking software and clock products to its customers, WirelessTimeClock.com has launched a new website (http://www.wirelesstimeclock.com), with a better interface and streamlined design, offering all types of organizations a better way to do business while saving time and money.


WirelessTimeClock.com is a trusted name in the field of web-based time clocks, with a focus on helping businesses operate more efficiently. The easy-to-use website aims at making the task of its customers easy by offering honest service, a lifetime replacement guarantee, and affordable pricing of time clocks, boosting confidence in their customers that they stand behind what they sell.


“WirelessTimeClock.com is a vendor you can rely on and a partner in your business growth, helping you track the time of your employees and improve your overall efficiency,” says Scott Tobin, owner of the online time and attendance company.


The new website is more intuitive and easy to use, detailing clock models and monthly service plans for unique business needs. “We have simplified every facet of time tracking and made it incredibly easy for you to set up your employees and interface with our system. It can even talk to our customers’ payroll systems for automatic payroll processing,” notes Mr. Tobin.


On the new website, the products and services are clearly displayed front and center, offering short descriptions of each web based time clock, their respective prices and pictures that illustrate their advanced technical features. The online contact form allows visitors to fill out any enquiry about a particular product sold on the website and the phone customer services support is available for any questions while shopping.


“Our goal with the new website is to offer ample information to customers, and explain in detail the step-by-step process to choose the right time clocks and service plan,” adds Mr. Tobin. “From there, it’s just a matter of waiting for the time clock to arrive and performing a simple setup process.”


With exciting plans on offer, beginning from $18 per month for businesses with 1-9 active employees, the new website makes it possible for its customers to provide their employees with flexible and accurate attendance time tracking. For businesses with more than 100 employees, the new website offers a comprehensive plan for only $99 each month.