Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Selecting the Best Web Based Time Clock Subscription Plan

Why uAttend Time Selecting the right web based attendance tracking software plan helps save costs on your payroll and staff management. Subscription plan pricing is linked to the number of employees you have and the features you want incorporated into your system. Affordability and the number of managerial levels are also crucial factors in deciding on a service plan.


The key variables influencing selection of an attendance time tracking software plan are:

Plug and Play
Number of Employees

The pricing of plans goes up with an increase in the number of employees. Low per-employee costs offer valuable savings compared to other plans. On a per-employee basis, a plan for 100 employees costs almost half of a plan for 1 to 10 employees.

Simple to Operate
Administrator and Managerial Levels

If you create more administrators and managerial levels, you need more applications and features, which may influence the overall subscription cost.


Many service providers create subscription plans based on features users require. Premium plans add more space, security measures, and live support at a higher fee. uAttend plans do not charge based on features needed.

Our Subscription Packages

Our monthly subscription fee offers you a number of benefits. While larger packages significantly reduce per employee cost, there is no space limitation in any plan. It includes a host of free services, including free maintenance, upgrade, daily data backup, and live customer support. There is no restriction on the number of managers you place at various levels and web punches made daily. We do not charge installation or cancellation fees. Users can upgrade or downgrade their web based time clock service plans without paying any penalty.

Choose any of our plans, depending on the number of employees you have, and enjoy seamless services of the uAttend web based time clock.