OB2000 Citadel Tablet Time Clock

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OB2000 Citadel Tablet Time Clock

OB2000 Citadel Tablet Time Clock
Platinum Series


For businesses from just a few to hundreds of employees, you've found the best time clock on the market. The Citadel OB2000 Tablet Timeclock offers the following features for your business time tracking.

  • 7" capacitive touch screen
  • Fingerprint sensor that will capture employee time securely in the cloud
  • Choose from fingerprint, PIN, or RFID card punching depending on your business needs
  • Built-in camera for taking employee photos and append a photo to any employee login
  • Choose from WiFi or LAN configuration on your network to connect securely to the cloud software
  • Instant data flow from timeclock to the cloud to allow for 24/7 access and management
  • Ridiculously simple set-up using the simple, guided set-up wizard
  • Efficiently manage employees including roles, departments, & groups
  • Create rules for meal times, overtime, rest, holidays, pay perdiods, pay codes, punch rounding, shifts, accruals, and more.
  • Easily apply same of different rules by departments, groups, or individuals
  • Simple department transfers will ensure accuracy for employee hour allocation
  • Real-time alerts via text or email for employee punch management
  • Run reports on a single employee or across the entire organization
  • Review reports on vacation, overtime, holiday, and more
  • Export pay period hours easily and in just minutes
  • Tablet  can work in offline mode and store punches until connected to cloud
  • Messages, notes, and greetings can be sent directly to employees via the time clock
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Monthly service plan* (required) includes lifetime software updates and unlimited storage of your employee data
  • Unlimited support 7 days/week via email, phone, chat or text
  • Just $319 with your monthly service plan*


*Note: The Citadel OB2000 Tablet Time Clock service plans are different than the uAttend service plans and are listed above.  When you activate your clock, you will be classified into one of the above plans as you add employees to the system. 

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