Our wireless time clocks and affordable monthly service plans help your business stay on top of time and attendance management.

Time Clock Comparison Chart

The uAttend time and attendance clocks and software we provide are among the best available on the market. They are inexpensive, easy-to-incorporate, rich in features, and offer many technical advantages over their competitors. Our lowest cost solution is the easiest system to set up and operate. While a number of additional features and customized integration of uAttend time clocks with your business make them handy to use, free software upgrades and replacements multiply the benefits our time and attendance package offers.

The cost you pay for our web based time clocks is always competitive. What’s more, after you select your monthly subscription plan, you do not need to pay any extra expenses. Above all, effective customer care and technical support enhance the user experience for our customers. We also offer lifetime replacements should something go wrong with the hardware. The following table shows the benefits uAttend time clocks provide when compared to similar products.

Features uAttend Time Clocks Other Time Clocks
Plug n Play Yes No
Free Customer Service Yes No
Free Technical Support Yes No
24/7 Access to Data from Browser Yes No
Free Software Upgrade Yes No
Unlimited Employees Yes No
Proxy Card Reader Yes Yes
Pinpad for Punch in with our Proxy Yes Yes
Free Replacements Yes No
Payroll Integration Yes No
Internet Connected Yes No
Price of Device Yes $399.95 and up
Cost of Dedicated PC Yes $600 and up
Annual Software Upgrade Yes $99 and up
Annual Support Yes $99 and up
Total Cost of Ownership (1 year) Yes $1,200 and up

As you can see there is not much of a comparison. The cost benefits are overwhelmingly in favor of uAttend time clocks, making them perfect for businesses looking for cost-effective time and attendance clocks and software. We blow away the competition at a fraction of the cost.Ready to sign up?

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