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Which Web Based Time Clock Is Best for You?

Why uAttend Time You can find a variety of time and attendance clocks to select from on our site. Each clock differs from the other in certain technological specifications, though major functions remain the same. The price varies based on the number of features and the level of sophistication. The monthly subscription fee also differs, depending on the number of employees. While your budget and business requirements play an important role in selecting a web based time clock, also take into account the following factors:

Plug and Play
Internet Availability

If your office is located in a prime location with WIFI access, you can go for web based clocks offering the same. Otherwise, you have to contend with time clocks connecting to the Internet via LAN.

Simple to Operate
Size and Location of Business

A business with a large of number of employees and multiple locations certainly requires a more sophisticated web based time clock with more features compared to a small shop.

Pricing Variables

While purchasing employee time clocks, check the overall cost, including the cost of a dedicated PC, maintenance, subscription fees, future upgrades, and replacements in addition to the upfront payments you make.

Customized and Flexible
Flexibility and Adaptability

Make sure your selected web based time clock is flexible enough to offer a variety of registration options for employees and you can track traveling employees as well as those in the office without any hassle.

Additional Features
Automation Features

The main purpose of having a web based time clock is to cut down time spent on employee tracking and payroll preparation. Automated payroll data preparation, customized time sheets, time and leave management, and employee scheduling help you save time on these mundane matters and focus on core business areas.

Check out the features of the system before buying any time based clock. You can get a first-hand experience of all optimized features during our 30-day trial period.